Earth Hour 2008 is Here… Let’s Make A Difference!!!

Last year Sydney, Australia, made a lone stand against global warming with the entire city going dark. Thousands of businesses and local governments, and millions of residents, switched off their lights for 1 hour to save power and to send a message that something needs to be done about it.

This year, at 8pm on 29 March 2008, Earth Hour goes global, with cities and towns around the world taking stand on the greatest threat our planet has ever faced, and millions of people uniting to turn the tide on global warming.
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My apologies for those of you expecting more articles over the past few weeks. I moved and have also been on a break for the holiday season. I will have more for you this coming week.



My name is George. I suffered from acne for almost 10 years now. I tried numerous acne treatments and reviewed many many more and I have decided to share my knowledge and expertise with my fellow acne sufferers.

I understand what it is like to be so conscious of your pimples that you fear face to face conversations. Your confidence diminishes and you hide yourself with hats and clothes. Sometimes you don’t even feel like going out in public. And as if the social effects weren’t bad enough you also have to deal with the pain of each pimple for days.
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