The Murad Acne Complex looks a bit, well, “complex”, when you first check it out. There are only three steps. It’s very much a top of the range product and has a lot to offer.

The Murad Acne Complex formulation is definitely different from similar kits:

  • Cleansing agent- The Cleanser includes a low (1.5%) salicylic acid as an all-round cleaner and antibacterial agent. Murad suggest that a good SPF sunscreen should be used in conjunction with it.
  • Exfoliant- This is a gel, designed to deal with sebum and other issues. It also contains an even lower amount of salicylic acid and Vitamin A to encourage skin the replacement process.
  • The “perfecting lotion”- This is where the Murad Acne Complex is quite different. It uses grape seed oat kernel protein, orange and honey. This combination is almost a basic chemistry lesson in traditional skin care. It’s also well known to work.

Good mix of ingredients and skin care routine, worth exploring for those purposes. Results for acne sufferers seem to very from none to medium, so I would suggest only useful for mild acne.

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