Avon Clearskin® Professional Acne Treatment System

Avon is perhaps the biggest name brand on the market for skin care products and cosmetics of all kinds. The Avon Clearskin® Professional Acne Treatment System is a kit which has been receiving rave reviews.

The kit includes a virtual encyclopedia of ingredients. The most important thing about this kit is that it also includes all the standard treatments with a very high level of attention to skin care issues. There’s nothing “chemically controversial” about the ingredients in the formulas, just reliable, proven active components.

The kit comprises:

  • Deep Pore Cleansing Scrub
  • Toner Pads
  • Exfoliant
  • Daily Correcting Lotion

These products are used systematically, step by step. That’s a progressive treatment, meaning that it first cleanses, then applies the active acne-fighting and skin care ingredients to the skin. This is the strictly clinical approach to skin care, and it’s a 100% proven best practice methodology. Definitely worth a look on the basis of product quality and brand standards, but perhaps only useful for skin care and mild acne.

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