Clearasil Ultra® Rapid Action Pads

Clearasil are specialists in a huge range of different types of products in the skin care range. These pads are a good example of a no-nonsense, all-in-one package. It’s also more than just an acne product. It’s a complete care regime, which means it can do a very good job of dealing with latent skin problems.

According to the product descriptions the main values of this product are:

  • Ideal for having something around when you need it
  • Deals with makeup, clogged pores and bacteria that cause acne
  • Acts to refresh the skin

This is an all-rounder type of approach to acne, and it’s particularly useful for those whose acne is aggravated by certain types of makeup or grime in the workplace. The pads are a good option for those who really want a fast, simple way to deal with underlying skin issues and have found that makeup or grime causes problems. They’re portable and can be used to provide a proper clean instantly when you need it.

Good for skin care, medium effectiveness for acne.

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