Clearasil StayClear Oil Free Daily Gel Wash

This is formula which is designed to avoid the issues of oily skin and not add problems to it. “Oil free” is particularly important for those experiencing repeat outbreaks. Oils are chemically active, and they can be quite counterproductive for some people dealing with persistent acne. The daily care routine is particularly important for those with oily skin, because the oils tend to return unless a determined effort is made to get rid of them. This skin condition isn’t permanent, but it can feel like it. It’s particularly annoying, and it will persist unless a reliable cleansing process is in place.

The Clearasil StayClear Oil Free Daily Gel Wash is a useful, all-purpose approach to general skin health. It will deal with the causes and take care of making sure you get a good, safe clean which won’t aggravate any existing skin issues. The 150ml size is also quite enough for a good supply for regular use, so it’s also economical.

Good for skin care, medium effectiveness for acne. Depends on whether or not oily skin is the cause of your acne.

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