Treatments for Acne Symptoms

Before I begin I must first re-emphasise that the only way to truly prevent acne is to address the underlying cause inside the body with a healthy pH balance, as previously mentioned. However, if you are to use a treatment to supplement this until you have achieved and maintained the right pH level, then here are a few pointers.

Without a doubt, the most important factor in choosing a treatment is its natural qualities. It’s very simple: the more natural the better. Any treatment that has any chemical or mineral that does not occur naturally in nature will have side effects. Treatments can often cause more damage than they repair. For example, most acne creams will use an active ingredient (most frequently benzoyl peroxide or a similar chemical) to dry the affected area. While this can be effective in the short term, daily use can lead to excessively dry skin and can also cause ‘rebound’ effect – meaning that when you stop using the product a large number of pimples will be produced very quickly, often being worse than before the treatment was started. Despite this, in moderate use there are some products than can be effective when combined with other treatments.

For instance, the best treatment for acne scars that I have so far discovered is the Proativ Repairing Lotion. Now rather than buy the entire pack (with face wash and toner) I choose to buy only the repairing lotion. Any facial scrub and toner will do the same if not very similar job as the Proactiv option.

Facial scrubs and/or exfoliating loufas are a daily essential not just for acne sufferers, but for all who wish to look after their skin. All day, every day our skin is shedding dead cells. Most of the time these dead skin cells do not are not completely disposed of and remain on the skin attracting bacteria and allowing a higher build-up of oil. Using a facial scrub ‘exfoliates’ the skin, clearing the dead cells and cleaning it from excess oil and dirt.
Some “all natural” treatments have been processed beyond recognition and I know that naturally occuring treatments are hard to find but it is still the best option I have found. Facial masques (like mud and cucumber masques) can rejuvenate the skin and keep it as healthy as possible. They disinfect existing blemishes and reduce infammation while keeping the skin fresh and moisturised.

The best product I have found for the treatment of active acne caused by oily skin is by far Himalayan Crystal Salt. This is not advertised as a treatment for acne and usually cannot be bought from your local chemist. I purchase mine online in a bar form (i.e. in the shape of a soap bar). Crystal salt is easy to apply (just wet the bar and apply to skin), it is cheap to buy, and is 100% completely natural. Himalyan Crystal Salt has over 90 of the elements concentrated over 250million years. It works much like salt water does, by drying the skin naturally and allowing it to absorb the nutrients. You may be wondering why this is such an effective treatment but think of any surfers or swimmers that you know. How many have acne? Not many, and the ones that do have acne have less than other sufferers. This is because salt is one of the most effective treatments against any infection and is an essential part of the human body. And by drying oily skin (naturally), while not eliminating moisture, it prevents the development of further acne. You should apply it to affected areas anywhere on the body at least 2 times a day for the best results.

While drying the skin is essential for sufferers with OILY skin, if your acne is caused by DRY skin you should use this salt very moderately. Drying the skin too much can also cause acne.

Medication should be avoided at all costs. You do not want to put antibiotics in your body unless you are extremely sick. Excessive use of antibiotics will reduce your body’s own production of antibiotics and make you more vulnerable to sickness and infection.

In my experience, it is best not to settle for a single treatment. A combination of treatments often returns the greatest results. I personally use Himalayan Crystal salt for the treatment of all acne all over my body and I use Proactiv Repairing lotion for the treatment of acne scars. Remember though, these treatments will not stop the acne and if you do not address the imbalance in your body, the damage can occur in other places. Your body will always try to eliminate toxins somehow and if you manage to treat the acne, it will come out somewhere else. You may put on weight or develop diseases. So by all means use treatments. But make sure they are your second line of attack.

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