Achieving pH Balance

Now that we have established that pH is the most critical cause of acne, you may be thinking “Ok, but how do I attain a healthy pH balance in my body?”

The first step is to measure your pH level. You can buy packs of pH test strips from some chemists but I find it easier to purchase online. I use Alkalive Ph Test Stix. They come at a good price for 80 strips and are very easy to use. I buy mine from

The ideal pH level for a body is between 6.75 and 7.25 and bare in mind that this will change very quickly (hours). Each person will require a different amount of change in their diets according to their size, weight, age, and starting pH level.

In general, to achieve a healthy pH balance, 50% of your diet should be raw vegetables. And of the remaining 50%, cooked or otherwise, at least half should be fruits or vegetables. Food and drinks with no nutritional value should be avoided all together. These include soft drinks, sweets, most deserts, processed meats and other processed foods.

Meats in general should be minimised to only the required intake (3-4 servings per week) and limited to white meats like fish, chicken and turkey whenever possible. Dairy products should also be excluded from the diet as they are one of the main causes of the build up of mucus in the body. Soy products should be used instead.

For a more detailed description of the right diet to achive pH balance, I started with the these book:

The pH Miracle

The Acid-Alkaline Diet

or for an easy reference guide to the pH effects of individual foods try out this book:

The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide

I personally use The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide but if you are new to the idea of pH balance in your diet I recommend The pH Miracle or The Acid-Alkaline Diet because they provide more detail on the effects of acidic and alkaline foods in general. Once you feel you are comfortable with your understanding of pH balance you may want to switch to the guide for ease of use.

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