4 Terrific Concepts of Party Monster (for Kid’s Birthday)

Monster is popular character in human life. There are many types of monster, from cute to the scariest one. Having party monster is one of tremendous ideas to try for kid’s birthday.

Keep in mind; this is not just about decoration and ornament. Parents should bring monster atmosphere into party using fog machine to provide spooky thing. There are tons of ideas for this event. Just choose the most suitable one.

Garden Party Monster

Garden party is the top choice because it’s easy to manage. For kids, they can dress in monster character then try to act like monsters. Of course, they will run around to catch and fight using monster weapon. Several things are needed for this event. They include:

  • Decoration
  • Food and dining utensils
  • Invitation card
  • Host and guest

Parent may invite special guests for this event. They should wear realistic monster character as similar to the movie, cartoon, or book. Well, your kids will like to see them on their birthday. Hire proper host to boost the mood and manage event flow properly.

Cake Monster


Cake Monster

As we know, kids like cake, cookies, and sweet treats. Those are foods that cannot be separated from kid birthday party. Another idea for party is cake monster. This is interesting and impressive theme to have.

Before decorating, there are few things to prepare. You need decoration that resembles cake in terrified version. Use balloons and minor ornament then attached them at entrance and wall. Make sure to add dark-based color to give scary effect.

The next thing is about cake itself. You cannot have regular birthday cake with fancy ornament and bright color. Use more chocolate and dark cream to cover cake’s surface.

Cartoon Character

What is the other theme for party monster? You have many options from various sources. Firstly, ask your kids what they like regarding monster. They will answer based on what they have watched daily.

The most common choice is monster from cartoon, whether the old or new one. Besides, there is another idea related to this theme, which is villain and superhero. Mix both for the party theme.

To keep your budget as efficient as possible, try to pick character and theme with not very fancy style. As you know, simple cartoon is enough to make your children happy. If you have big budget, there is no problem to add complex monster concept with scary decoration.

Halloween and Monster Theme

Halloween and Monster Theme

One thing about monster is Halloween party. If your kids have birthday in September or October, having Halloween party is irresistible option. You can have this theme then add more monster characters.

Preparing Halloween theme is not simple, but it’s very exciting. There is chance to add scary thing in proper place.

As usual, the party needs preparation, such as foods, dress, decoration, venue, invitation card, event plan, and invitation card. You should prepare enough budgets and allocate time for planning it two or three months earlier. That’s what party monster with Halloween should be.

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