4 Cheap Ideas for Party Decorations (Using Common Household)

Holding a party is the most fun thing, but like many things in the world, something that’s fun sometimes has a bad side. In this case, holding a party must be preceded by arranging party decorations.

Some people think that beautiful decorations must be expensive and luxurious. But this time, we will try to play with a variety of low-budget decoration ideas.

Party Decorations Using Balloons

Party Decorations Using Balloons

Many parties use balloons only as decorations on top of room, or just place them on the floor in large numbers. But many people don’t know that balloon holds great potential as unusual decoration.

One of the uses of balloons in party is to place ice water. Make sure you clean the inside of balloon first, then fill it with water and freeze it. On party, serve the ice balloons into ice bucket

If you want more “surprising” decoration, try balloon confetti. Just like before, you can simply fill balloons that you haven’t blown with small pieces of paper. If the moment is right, please pull it with the tip of the mouth facing up.

Decorate a Party with Cutlery

If you have excess cutlery, you can use the rest to decorate dining table even better. Some tableware that can be used as party decorations are:

  • Fork
  • Table knife
  • Spoon
  • Cupcake Liner

The fork can be turned into a place to reserve a seat, simply by inserting the names of guests invited to the fork. Then, place it on the corresponding chair.

If you lack ideas to decorate dining table, use pots then make yourself a cutlery pot. Just put a little Styrofoam into pot then stick the cutlery into it. This decoration can also be functional for your table.

Paper-based Party Decorations

Paper-based Party Decorations

Collect colorful papers, cut to form a star or heart then connect between the ends of one another using thread. Finally, hang the paper at the top of room. If you have trouble finding color paper, paper towel will do.

If you get a little creative, you can use large paper. Cut out some words to describe the rooms in your party locations, such as bathroom location, etc.

Maximize Your Party with Some Washi Tapes

Although it looks very simple and trivial, the washi tape can also turn your party room into a lot more beautiful. With a minor bit of tweaks, you will not realize that you have just used washi tape to decorate your party.

The transparent structure makes the washi tape easy to place anywhere. You can form a unique table decoration by folding napkins into attractive shapes. Moreover, use tape washi to stick it to its place.

Use washi tape to attach the decoration to the wall and other places. Washi tape is notoriously easy to remove and leaving no marks, so you can say goodbye for repainting room after the party.

Some of the above party decorations ideas are certainly easy to apply. Therefore, there is no reason for a lame and boring party of yours.

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