5 Awesome Mens Bedroom Ideas (You Wish to Know Earlier)

If you are about to transform the old, dull bedroom into something cool, you need awesome mens bedroom ideas to inspire you. Men’s bedroom, however, needs special touch when it comes to decoration. It should be able to express your masculine and manly side.

No matter what color you are going to have, even simple decoration can bring great transformation into the bedroom. Here are some things to take into account.

Go Monochrome

Most men’s bedroom prefers monochrome shade to paint the wall. There is a reason why grey, black and white are the most chosen colors. These three colors are able to evoke the masculine side of the bedroom. No need to worry about being too cold, it will work best for men’s bedroom.

If you are afraid of having too boring wall paint, combining some monochrome colors are allowed. In addition to live up the room, you can also put some wall treatments or ornaments for room’s focal point.

Invest in Area Rugs

Who says men’s bedroom cannot have area rugs? This kind of rug is not only for women or girls but also men. Especially if you have ample bedroom space, the existence of area rugs gives clear separation between each area. In short, it makes you easier to organize and place the furnishings.

Even if you have space issue in the bedroom, area rug is still allowed. Of course, you have to adjust the proper size for the bedroom, avoiding you to make the room look more cramped. Area rugs with match monochrome color are highly recommended for mens bedroom ideas.

Keep Stuff Organized

One of the men’s problems is about organizing their stuff, making it not surprising to see men’s bedroom looks cluttered all the time. Once you decide to reorganize and redecorate the bedroom, this should be taken into account. There are some organizer choices to go:

  • Stand drawers
  • Floating shelves
  • Under the bed storage

You can choose one or more organizers to keep your stuff. When it comes to small bedroom ideas for men, under the bed storage and floating shelves are strongly recommended. It optimizes the limited space in your bedroom, allowing you to accommodate more furnishings aside from organizers.

Think about Lighting

Lighting and illumination is necessary in any room including bedroom. Men’s bedroom typically does not have too strong illumination. Combining LED lighting with yellow bulb will create comfortable and nice ambience to spend the night. You can choose pendant or recessed light fixture as well.

Wall Ornaments

One of important things to decorate men’s bedroom is about wall decoration. Painting the wall is considered too plain for men, therefore some ornaments and accessories are needed. When it comes to wall decoration, you can opt for monochrome wall paintings that suit the monochrome concept.

Furthermore, attaching posters of favorite sport player is also suggested to decorate the bedroom. If you like taking photos, you can put them in different sized-frames and organize over your headboard. These mens bedroom ideas are simple way to bring focal point into your bedroom.

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